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Boneless Milkfish

We try to add more ways to enjoy our farmed milkfish by deboning the mikfish. Our boneless milkfish product brand is
"The Seafoodtalk".


Nuansa Ayu Karamba Aquaculture Farm, Hatchery and Processing.

Pindang Fish


Packaging Pindang Process


Deboning Milkfish Process


Boneless Milkfish Products


Milkfish Cageculture


The view from Hatchery


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Nusa Ayu Karamba Aquaculture Farm and Processing Pulau Gosong, Pramuka

  • May 2001

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Nusa Karamba Aquaculture Farm,Hatchery, and Processing was established to begin breeding Grouper Fish in Pulau Seribu.

  • March 2004

    Starting To Breed Milkfish

    The milkfish, Chanos chanos, is an important food fish in Southeast Asia. It is the sole living species in the family Chanidae (about seven extinct species in five additional genera have been reported).

    Daily, we can produce up to 3 tons of fresh milkfish. As for boneless milkfish, we can produce up to 1 tons a day .

  • April 2006

    Boneless Milkfish

    Starting to add value to our milkfish, we started to produce boneless milkfish, to make people easier in enjoying our milkfish

  • July 2014


    We would like to build further facilities that would support Marine Tourism especially Educational Marine Tours and Research purposes for Scientists and Students in the field of Fisheries and Biology.

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